Makes it simple to have a great online presence.

Since 2003 Coyotech has been creating small business web sites, web applications, web sites for online training, non-profit organizations, public service groups, government agencies and courts. Hiring Coyotech is the no-hassle way to cover all your online needs from hosting to web site creation, to custom coding, database, graphic art, shopping carts and Word Press customization. Coyotech uses responsive styles that make your site look right on any size screen.

Contact coyotech for a free consultation. Ask your questions and get the benefit of our know-how.

Each new site is optimized for search engines (SEO), using the current best practices.

Coyotech is the one-stop shop for all your web site needs.

We provide
  • web sites, new or upgraded
  • security and web site consulting
  • custom web programming (PHP, ASP, Javascript & Cold Fusion)
  • Wordpress customization
  • graphic art and photo repair
  • writing and editing
  • contract maintenance and technical services
  • video editing, conversion & closed captions
  • economical small site hosting available
  • web and database server administration (Windows & Linux)

Some current Coyotech projects

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business Coyotech for your business

Businesses Get Found and Known

Advertising, marketing and branding are critical for businesses of all sizes. Whether you have a home office or a large business you know that a good online presence and the ability to offer information and service to your customers online is very important.

Your web site, social media and mobile searches are a very affordable and effective way for a small business to advertise and reach their market, just like larger companies.

Today advertising, search and marketing are changing rapidly. Soon the days of banner ads and SEO will have gone the way of the Yellow Pages. Mobile devices, the growing prevalence of apps, GIS, international security and copyright requirements and many new technologies are changing how things work online. Do you know what's coming in? Are you ready for it?

Contact Coyotech and find out how to use the changes to your advantage, building your online presence and profit as you grow.

online-education Coyotech For online education and training

Why Online Training?

Online training: Contact Coyotech and find out how easy and practical it can be to develop online training and courses.

Coyotech for government agencies and policy groups Coyotech for courts and government agencies

Doing more with less is the reality now. The more you can do online, the more you can spare your budget and your staff, while broadening and improving your public outreach and services.

Coyotech has eleven years of experience working with government offices, licensing bureaus, courts, universities and public policy groups

Contact Coyotech to see how we can help you fulfill your mission without overloading your budget or your staff.

Coyotech for non-profits Coyotech for non-profit and religious organizations

The internet has been an incredible boon to non-profit organizations and everyone who wants to make a difference in the world.

Coyotech can help you send your message to the whole world on almost any budget, find supporters and improve fund-raising.

Coyotech can also help with your grant writing.

Contact Coyotech today to see how we can help.